Welcome to the developing art of my new website, swanmichelle.com and my new blog, Swan Talks.

All for your best, most liberated interest, I will be writing, sharing, revealing, singing, recording, and videoing various tonics of inspiration for you to practice.

This is for your creative access to tools, practices, profound resources, ideas and intentional priceless wells of resource from all over the world brought to you as an accessible, urban lifestyle holder that might not have access to them otherwise.

These practices reveal overall empowerment and freedom when applied. The goal of this website is to act as though we are free, utilizing and experiencing the tools by putting them into action. Our determination to envision and practice daily manifests destiny.

Everyone wins when we live our purpose. Staying small and doing what we are used to does not. We need each person on this planet to manifest the reason why they are here. We are deeply fulfilled when we are living what we are wired for. All of us are leaders and have something to share about our own experience. These are tonics and tools to provoke that experience.

I’ve traveled the world for 20 years collecting these tools and have a strong, devoted, consistent practice with them. Knowledge and education is very exciting to me. I feel alive when I learn. Yet, it is not quite enough. True meaning comes from sharing the tools so that others gain access to their purpose. We must put the tools into action and do the work. It is through our enactment of free will that we will recognize ourselves as whole. Your empowerment process is accessible to you at all times. Some of the infinite wealth of tools will be on my new website.

My website will allow you to learn no matter where you are, at your own pace. It is educational and asks you to also be accountable to the work, a work that you enjoy. This joy is my gift to you after 20 years of teaching and practicing what I too cherish and have found to work. This is part of my 20 year celebration!

Enjoy and Welcome home.
It’s time to view you are Whole, Swan Michelle