The first time I was introduced to ‘alternative” (as in different than our Western Medicine/Health/Fitness model) natural, holistic lifestyles was on a visit to upstate NY with my bellydance teacher. I was a lifeguard amongst many Hasidic Jewish colonies deep in the Catskills. There were many Hasidic families, men with long locks, whom stopped what they were doing and prayed numerous times per day wherever they were where I stayed. I was fascinated by such accountable devotion, perseverance and faith.

Next door to us in the woods on the other side, I heard vegetarian food was being served by people from India! They were singing in a foreign language very joyously before eating the colorful meal in praise. They were standing on their heads just before dinner and meditating just after. I remember one man at dinner doing hands on healing to someone injured, assisting his pain through nothing but focus and touch, which worked! I remember sitting near someone at our outdoor feast in nature that was in prison many years ago for non-violent teachings of compassion alongside Mahatma Gandhi. Wow! Where have I landed? I had never seen anything like it. I had never felt so at home.

This was the beginning of what I feel like is me coming home. Now, this year, 2018, I am that. All of the above. I am at home and at peace in the teachings and the invaluable experiences of my colorful, well-established, ever-changing and well-traveled life. I am also celebrating exactly 20 years of teaching yoga and the healing arts FULL TIME! In many cities that I’ve taught and brought the teachings, it was the first time yoga has ever been introduced, since my introduction in 1998. It has been an ongoing honor to be a channel of inner change and recognition.

The holistic arts have truly come such a long way in each city that I visit and offer classes, courses and trainings, including where I currently have roots now in New Orleans.
All of these art forms have been taken to levels, varieties, interpretations and immensities that I would have never imagined upon first starting out as a 200 hour yoga teacher. Through the blessings of reception and perseverance, I have also been very blessed to cultivate numerous roads of yoga and the healing arts into my own transformation, depth, educations and experiences, from music, to energy medicine, to Ayurveda, holistic diet, and unbelievable amounts of healing techniques from foreign lands and indigenous beings.

I have traveled the world, which has broadened my education in ways I am still astounded by. Balancing this with my own entrepreneurial businesses, employing & advising others at home, showing up for my community, honoring my calling to the arts, service and personal retreat and home practices has been motivated by 2 things: 1. wishing to inspire others and 2. see everyone free.

At this point, I want to humbly celebrate these 20 years of blessings. I have so many notebooks of life changing documentations from the different paths of Wellness, classes, courses and deep retreats in the woods, jungles and islands, practicing silence, meditation and self inquiry with epic teachers and on my own that I feel it is time to really tidy up the blessings I have been given, document them, and share them with you.

If I went from aimless pool girl, to wild bar tender, to living my dreams entirely, responsibly, creatively and fully, it is my prayer that you can too! We must first be receptive and even as an adult, continue to be willing to see with new eyes and to see things differently.

Here are some of the things that have helped me to do so. It is a taste of some of the types of things you will have access to, all online. I am offering them to you for free so you get a taste of what signing up for the mailing list and receiving this blog is all about:

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