By Swan Michelle 

“The Creator has a Master plan.”  –Lyrics Pharoah Sanders 

“One of the most important moments is to step into not knowing, knowing you only need to make this step.” Adyashanti

What is here and now is a co-creation of both you and the Divine, including the new decade you will experience. 

There is a right time and right place to each season, life cycle, moon phase, planetary position and day of the week. There are poignant windows of opportunity happening both personally and Universally from which  to  rebuild, rest, and decide. There are also days to cease and align with optimal change, all in alliance with flow.

We can choose to move with this evident flowing current, thriving, or feel elusively swept away by it, perpetually struggling. Consistency is your key and your door to open alone.

“Wherever you are, be all in.” –Ram Dass

Participating in ceremonial cycles in our life encourage our part in Divine timing, reminding us  that things are not just happening to us. There is upkeep in fresh energy. The creative principle asks that we continue to show up again and again, renovating the new architectures of our lives. We are our own life’s innovators, co-conspiring with the Universe.  When we realize we are working with the Universe, the Universe  will always deliver. 

Manifest Destiny

As an architect and manifester, we know time is sacred. Idly wasting time is not an option in Divine timing. Nor can we really force or rush things into happening. Joyful inventions come from us living in synchronicity with time and  the gifts the Creator has in store for us.

Readiness comes from steadiness. You can not pretend to be ready for something you are not. You can not jump ahead. It will place too much of a false imposition on your nervous system. The creation will collapse. Work from where you are at, here and now. Manifestations must be treated as Divine for them to continue to thrive in Divine timing.

Being in the manifest comes from a profound, self reliant sense of listening. This asks us to dig in, to be still, and to show up. Going all in prevents what holds value to you from becoming complacent. 

Mysteries arise from receptivity. Actively maintain an attitude of gratitude. Enjoy the work,  get into the mystery, and don’t “make” anything happen.  Signs are laid out on our path for us from which to proceed if we value where we place our energy and  are not distracted.

Time is often a component of stress. If we are ruled by it, we will believe we are losing it. This type of time does not feel sacred. We may want to escape time, thinking the benefits takes too much effort. Mindful effort and hard work are different. The endless hard work of goal orientation won’t ever feel complete and rewarding. It won’t ever be enough.

Our daily task is to find that the ordinary is indeed extraordinary and is more than enough, in right time, and right place.To manifest is commitment to the present. Manifestations are not expectations. It isn’t a jumping ahead. It isn’t a constant reference to the past.  Manifestation come from the mystery.

Divine timing is not linear and predictable but it is a mindful and realistic co-creation. Filling a calendar with too many “certainties”  is  a belief in scarcity. Having no helpful ideas, plans or direction whatsoever is lack also.

How many times have you done the same thing over and over again  and told yourself it was different this time, yet it got even more complicated? Manifestation isn’t complicated. Worrying about the clock ticking can impede upon sensical,  intuitive decision making. Time isn’t here to rule us but to align and work with us. Loosing complete track of time can provoke nostalgic attachments to highs and  lows, and addictions to impulsivity and  desperation. You are meant for more than this.  “Ask yourself where am I? Answer:  Here. Ask yourself what time is it? Answer: Now. Say it until you can hear it” -Ram Dass.

“Always seek less turbulent skies. Hurt. Fly above it. Betrayal. Fly above it. Anger. Fly above it. You are the one who is flying the plane.” ― Marianne Williamson.

Divine manifestation requires that we are all in, not just going through the motions partially nor tentatively. Being all in requires work, faith, inner clarity, inner peace and a springboard of new ideas that we contribute to. You must have follow through. A non-committal dream is where all dreams remain.

Divine timing reveals a healthy resiliency index. If something doesn’t work, choose again. Apply ingenuity and tenacity.  Keep creation going. A positive mind isn’t just imagining or fantasizing. Deliver trustworthiness, making good on birthing dreams into real time so that they are believable. .

If your standards are too unreachable from where you are at, it won’t happen now and this can feel debilitating.  This moment is the ground breaking point from where to begin. Work from exactly where you are at. Striving is a different temperament than thriving.

Being all in presents itself with challenges to be sure, but it doesn’t have to be “hard” work, with incredible amounts of struggle. Enjoying the work and the teachings  opens us to windows of opportunity that would otherwise never present themselves. 

There are so many ways of being. Get single pointed within yourself. You do not need validation nor sponsorship from others as your source from which to manifest. It must come from your passion and the authenticity of your own being. Energy goes where attention flows. 

Influences and inspiration are natural and beautiful. Yet, if you have no idea at all about what you want, you may remain at a crossroads. Sitting on the fence will create hesitation from the Universe in trusting what opportunities to give you.  

If you do not appear all that engaged in the present, why would the Universe find you equipped to the upkeep of what you could further receive? Show the Universe you can handle and keep up with what you have been offered. 

Fulfillment is not just getting access to benefits. It can never be about just ourselves and what we get out of it. A true visionary participates fully, with a generosity of vision.

Stewardship is joyfully providing care for the things in your shared life.  The creator always wants to give you more when you give. It you remain humble and innovative, creation continues to remain fulfilling.

You needn’t “try” to make something happen. Your own foundation is enough. Divine Manifestation reveals break throughs, yet your break throughs can not be “made” to happen. 

“To be willing to hear wisdom we must be willing to not know the plan or answer.” –Adyashanti

When you are in awe and inspired, you are in synchronicity with Divine timing, enthusiastically and joyfully rolling up your sleeves. You’ve been blessed to co-create with the Divine after al!

Enjoyable Work

I just began re-reading A Course In Miracles workbook. It takes 1 year to complete. It includes 5 minutes daily contemplations that tone the rest of the day, building on themselves, as to undo the programmed, fear based disturbances the mind recreates. 

One example of a days work and a lesson I recently did was: “I see only the past,” This is something to ponder a few times a day, Whatever you see, you look at it and state “ I see only the past.” This could be a person. An email. A home. An idea in the mind. This is done without bias. It of course does not end with the past. Each teaching builds in the workbook. Reading it the second time around, everything is totally new to me. There are things I hadn’t picked up on before.

I know from working so many years with Ram Dass and his discussions on time that for most of us our relationship to time is binding. If we revisit the past often, we are bound by it. He called it “time binding”. The past is often a mirage since it is so distant. History truly can not be trusted.  We think it real but it is actually a memory we keep reliving.  In any mirage we are susceptible to a trance.

A cup. A pen. A rug. A person. A trip. You know these things only from the past. If someone had not told you what they were, or they were completely new and unfamiliar to you, you might think them something different.

Understanding that everything is empty and appears according to how we see it is a refreshed, creative vision. Imprinting from the past will never spark a new sense of being or create something new. Wherever it is our attention goes  takes up a lot of space. There is not much “seeing” taking place. It can’t be trusted.

Awareness resides within us and all around us. Our perception is not awareness itself. Our perception is not the Cause of Ultimate Reality. Our perceptions are far too variable. Because we know this, that is their predictability, they are actually predictably unreliable yet will cast a familiar result which seems secure.

Awareness is in the unknown. We may have experienced fractions of it, but it is primarily mysterious for us all. Mystery is spacious. Once we open to awareness, we recognize the synchronic order of this exquisite Universe and our co-creative part. 

Time is sacred but for most of us, it rules us and stresses us out.  Divine Timing is in everything. It has currency. None of this is a coincidence. There are no accidents.  Everything is synchronicity. What is meant for you is coming. Even if it be chaos, it is not punishment. It too has a message. There are road signs guiding us and illuminating insights everywhere that might even warn us to it.

If our mind is crammed with too many thoughts of how to figure everything out, no circuitry can flow. The currency of energy dries up within us, and we keep doing things the same way, even if it somehow appears different. When we become familiar with disillusionment as a false sense of security, the past continues in the present. This is out of Divine timing. There is simply no way to manifest from this place.  There is no understanding to be found of cause and effect.

Lesson 16: “Everything that you see is the result of your thoughts. There is no exception to this fact.”  This lesson continues to say: “Everything either extends the truth or multiplies illusions. Every thought you have brings either peace or war. There is a temptation to dismiss fear thoughts as unimportant, yet all thoughts are equally important. Actively seek not to overlook any ‘little’ thought.” A Course In Miracles

I challenge you to look at everything now and moving forward as though it unfamiliar to you. Familiarity comes from the past, Familiarity can only re-create. 

Manifestation comes from the unknown and from the mystery. It is the unchartered territory you yourself have not yet ventured. Now, it does not mean you have to cut everything and everyone out of your life from which to genuinely forge new paths. But it does take a mind that can access spaciousness and a place that is not so easily disturbed when challenged. A deep mind will not thrive off of novelty or the superficial from which to draw and take ideas from.  

Familiarity can breed complacency if we are not doing the work and our part  to step into our own edges of  mystery. If we are seeing through the circular eyes of the past, long lasting manifestation is not possible. It simply won’t hold.  

So much of manifestation is a changing around of the mind and how it works. Seeing is not image making. If image making takes the place  of seeing, vision will be replaced by illusion. Manifestation comes from something you probably haven’t all the way seen as of yet, but it brings with it a life force that is undeniable. This life force continues with gratitude. 

Divine manifestation is associated with better health, attendance and longevity. Manifestation is directly linked with a strong, resilient, fearless mind. Innovators courageously close doors to projects that don’t work and opens new doors with grounded risk-taking, well held in the Self. Manifestation comes with a hopeful, open heart, not one easily defeated and shut down.

When I envision a possible manifestation  I ask:

Is this what the Divine Creator had intended?

Is this in alignment with my core values, worthy of my attention?

Is it in right place and time? 

Have I noticed any synchronicities, organic opportunities, magnetism, laws of attraction?

Does it bring more life and less to none? 

What are the signs that the Universe validates this? 

Does it feel harmonious, fair and balanced? 

To imagine is the beginning of manifestation, yet we need to be clear from which Source it is we are imagining from.  The ego too likes to imagine all kinds of things. Some appear to be really good, shiny and dazzling ideas. Manifestation too has boundaries. Intelligent and life affirming ones.

Also, in discernment, I ask:

Does it make me feel as though I have sacrificed my life force with too much effort?  

Do I feel as though I need to try too hard to make this happen? 

Does it feel as though it is taking something from me?

Am I enjoying this at all? 

Is this an ego based decision from fear or a courage based choice from Love? 

Am I attached to a false sense of security?

Are there red flags I am not being honest about? 

Is this compromising my values? 

Is this a worthy use of my time?

Overall it is important to initially train your mind to gravitate to what you want instead of what you do not want  or how you have been wronged, as you are only further imprinting negativity and lack.  Harness your mind. A more advanced step might be to simply state what you want once, and  then act as though the Universe has your back and that it is happening in the way the Universe sees fit, which might be an even grander vision than you own.

“The Universe has big plans for me and it’s time for me to claim them.” Super Attractor; Gabrielle Bernstein

Thriving is built from a deep inner foundation of self worth that only you can uncover. It isn’t a quick fix and it won’t come from the outside. Stay true to yourself and your values. Your deepest inner structure is innately reliable and trust worthy, not filled with evasive excuses. A unitive worth does not spin from the spokes of outer validation. Manifestation is in your center axel.  

Sharing manifestations brings a deep sense of joy. It is what manifesting is meant for. Enjoy sharing. Joy is one of the strongest magnetic pulls that there is.

In joy, enjoy. May you embody the vision of the Creator,  Swan Michelle

“Inner peace doesn’t come from getting what we want but from remembering who we are.” –Marianne Williamson

DEDICATION:  This is dedicated  to my first yoga teacher,  Ram Dass, whom I met in 1999 and who left his body at the very end of a decade, at human age 88, on the sacred and longest evening of darkness, Winter Solstice December 22, 2019. This was a  celebration of ultimate Divine timing and synchronicity, down to a perfection of numbers of your being.  There are no coincidences.  I love you beloved teacher. You are with your Guru now. Thank you for reminding me of the nature time, death and the present.


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