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“Health Is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way.” -Swami Sivananda


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What a wild ride, this life.  With news of sickness escalating, it is vital right now to focus deeply on keeping our sacred instrument  of the mind body and spirit healthy, holy and happy, tending to the ways in which others might be affected by this.

Myself, I feel my holistic  practices are readily guarded tools of proaction for times such as this. In living through 911 and Hurricane Katrina and being in the direct chaos of it, as I look back, I realize now I was more afraid of the human’s response to these things than of the natural disaster, especially if we are thinking only about ourselves, yet, we must include ourselves in what is suppose to be  togetherness.

If someone is sick in Italy or an auto immune disease that puts them at risk to being in social settings, yes,  I am concerned.

The sickness of  “I , me, mine” plants the seeds for adharma (non-supportive, non-purpose, non-pillar)  to survive. “Us, we, our” plants seeds for dharma (pillar, support, purpose)  to thrive.

When the “I” becomes “we”, illness becomes wellness.


Our practices can’t be played off in the unpredicted moment of personal collision or world catastrophe. Whatever you have been doing to elevate and maintain consciousness on a daily basis is also how you will respond to this, with intelligence, discipline, and reality, which cultivates compassion,  and acts of love,  or with fear, keeping us paranoid, gullible and perhaps sick. If you are one to feel fed by dramatics, you may find yourself doing so even now. If you tend towards isolation, which is different from strategic and conscious social distancing, this to may be your go to. Remember incredible forms of separation are a form of sickness.

Watch what keeps you feeling empowered at this time and what really does not at all empower you to feel in flow with your life right now. Be sure to listen to the truth. Taking incredible care of yourselves and all others as a top priority, offering understanding to those in vivid crisis, sickness, or stress. We all handle stress differently. Take shelter in places that keep you in the remembrance of the positive. Really, if we are taking care of ourselves and others, nothing is really changed.

I remember teaching a class right after 911. The class was the fullest class I had ever taught at that point. It was the same after Hurricane Katrina.  Let this be a time we come together in reflection of sanity, health and steadiness.

There are many ways to boost our immune system no matter what state your immune system is currently in, as it is empowering to do so, from joy, fresh air, getting exercise, drinking fresh juices, clean foods and herbs, and keeping the mind in check by listening to what it is repeating, which can raise or lower our vibrational frequencies, in our quiet moments or meditations.

I think it important as yogis to be both clear, not naive, and to be proactive in holding the power of positivity and truth. Please do all that you personally can to be well informed, yes, AND to meditate just as equally if not more so that your mind and body remain in a positive frequency. Massive social distortions take place when panic lowers our vibrational frequency. Keep checking in with your mind, first and foremost! Positivity does not mean naivety. Look at the news, but do not let it consume you.

I grew up around Natural Remedies. I am not a doctor. I do not know if this will work for you but it does for me in boosting my immune system since I travel so much:

My Natural Remedy List:

Astragalus is an herb I take when I travel. It comes from Oregon

Higher doses of Vitamin C

General Daily Vitamins


Ingest Thieves OIl- it has a name for a reason. Thieves were able to steal from those with the plague by wearing these ingredients. There are Thieves hand sanitizers, cleaners, mouth sprays and room sprays. Get some.

Fresh foods, less alcohol and substances that lower or compromise  your immune system


I am an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist. These things I suggest. When in doubt, ask an Ayurvedic Doctor.


Ayurvedic remediations check list for boosting OJAS:

Cinnamon in large doses

Belly and gut health is a high immune system, probiotics, turmeric, triphala



Moving the body (yoga!)


Being in nature & breathing fresh air

Pranayama outside in nature

Meditation to keep your mind in check

Eat for your dosha

Wear an insulation of Sandalwood,  Frankincense, Sage, Pine, Tea Tree, Lemongrass or Clove, depending on what your skin and Dosha will accept, as a body oil, called Abhyanga for an entire body sanitizer. Many of these oils are naturally antiseptic, anti- fungal and anti-bacterial.

You can purify your air with an air diffuser made of these things, or by using natural incense that does not have chemicals in it.

You can create your own hand sanitizer with aloe vera gel, alcohol and any of these essential oils. If the grocery store is out, take action! The entire world does not use toilet paper. Just saying! Banana leaves maybe!

Here is a quick tip article.…/10-ayurvedic-tips-boost-your-immunity

We can be proactive in staying healthy. I remember Ram Dass stating that even global warming could be seen as a means of interconnecting all of those that love this earth together. Perhaps we can allow this global health epidemic to get us to boost our immune systems and take charge of a collective  health together.

A lovely Mantra I think of when I am praying for the health of others is:

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah. Sarve Santu Niramaya. Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu. Makasheid Dukhabhav Bhavet

Translation: “May all beings be happy, May all beings be healthy, May all see auspiciousness.  May no one be overwhelmed by despair.”

I think it important to pray for those beings affected by any sickness. If your immune system is already compromised, please discern what activities are worth being involved in for your own sake. As a social duty, if you are  sick, it benefits those that are healthy if  stay home. Lets collectively think of those suffering with compassion and remain aware and those doing their best to stay healthy so that they can continue to serve you

There are many natural health care providers that work for themselves. Continue to support them and reach out to them. Continue to get massages ,to seek out herbalists, Energy healers, Yoga Teachers, and eat at your local vegan cafes. These are people that work on remaining healthy.


As always, I am sticking to my practices of being in nature, getting fresh air, loving my family and friends, eating clean healthy food,  moving my body, clearing my energy, meditating, praying and singing in service to others. Because I can do so, and feel blessed by this truth, I am determined to continue to serve others by also attending to my health first in which to do more optimally serve others.

I suggest the same for you. I am here for you. Let us all be here for one another together. Social distancing can be intelligent, or create further separation, depending on it’s need for it. Separation can be a form of sickness.  Satsang too is empowering, which means coming together when healthy to gain confidence, perspective, inspiration and union.

I have included a Meditation For Health in my newsletter  that is free for anyone that wishes to listen. It is 11:11 minutes, can can elevate your vibrational frequency instantly if you are feeling overwhelmed by worry, which can literally make us sick.

It helps me when I think of others. I am praying for the health and well-being of us all.


To OUR health, holiness and happiness, Swan Michelle