By Swan Michelle

Where guilt is found there can be no joy. When you attend to your personal guilt it will be very difficult to hurt others. Joy and harm do not rest together. 

”You do not help at all being sad and without energy. You help if good things emanate from the Universe  now. It is through joy that one resists. Also, when the storm passes, each of you will be very important in the reconstruction of the new world. 

You need to be well and strong . And for that ,there is no other way than to vibrate a beautiful, happy, and bright vibration.  This has nothing to do with alienation.

“Learn about resistance of the indigenous and African peoples: we have always been and continue to be exterminated. But we still haven’t stopped singing, dancing, lighting a fire and having fun. Don’t feel guilty about being happy during this difficult time.

What you emanate now is the most important thing. And sing, dance, resist through art, joy, faith and love. Resist — Be reborn”    –Message from White Eagle, Hopi Indigenous on 03/16/2020

Learn from this.  What you do, what you recognize and what you find discouraging is important at this time, but not as important as the courage to recover yourself, your heart, and your joy as to see this through with a unified vision. 

“Tell the truth to yourself and the rest will fall in place.” –The Avett Brothers 

It is important you do not degrade yourself or you will degrade others. Find courage even when there is no map and especially when there is friction. Be reborn. Be an explorer on a new frontier. Guilt, shame and violence are typical.   This is old. Is that what you really desire? Do it differently. 

Bring your heart and intelligence to a situation, not your guilt. You doing it differently shows us you no longer carry the inherited, borrowed or owned guilt that often controls and manipulates the human spirit.  Has guilt worked before? Let us learn. Bring your joy to the world and what it is that you truly desire. 

Your actions reveal that you have or have not received the teachings of this historically wild upheaval  in our lives. If you are doing well, or feel healthy, or at peace, or blessed, please do not feel guilty. Joy is the birthright of every being. Not just some. We are all entitled to large ,miracles and small joys. Blessings will produce more blessings, especially when we somehow feel blessed even in all of this. Do you ? Your care will transform this world, not your guilt. 

If you are not doing well, please do not make others feel or carry a guilt in them if they have somehow found small, humble and very human moments of joy in the uncertainty of all of this.  Pure joy is not complacent.  Joy is an energizing foundation from which to activate change.  It is not dehumanizing. 

“There can be no peace without the kind of inner change that brings a man back to his right mind.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

Change can be energizing. Deprivation isn’t the nature of change.  We do not need to hoard joy either, trying to bind to what will inevitably  change. Joy is dynamic and is to be shared. It is not meant to be static. 

Stick to your practices. Turn towards your inner self every day, right away, at dawn. Know more than ever what works and what is encouraging. Nobility comes from having faced it all. Bring your love, not your guilt and your shame to the world. Will sharing guilt really transform all of this? 

What new joys have you discovered during all of this? It helps us if you are healthy resilient, vibrant and strong.  Your acting small, undeserving, or guilty doesn’t serve this new world. 

It is clear what doesn’t work when you are in a state of pure joy. Pure joy is not fleeting.  Pure joy is liberating.  In the constriction of guilt, nothing is clear. It only further degrades us all.  

Shame and long held guilt disempower us. Whenever we feel lowered for too long, it is difficult to rise.  We are easily gullible, desperate or careless when we are ashamed and estranged from ourselves. The vivid guilt of any one man is felt as a disturbance in the entire force of us all.  Attend to your guilt. Recognize the root of guilt and forgive yourself so that you do not continue to create more pain. It is only together that we rise. 

 It is easy to be manipulated and controlled under sadness and anguish.  It is much easier to hurt others when we  keep alive our very own shame and guilt. It is also far easier to not care much about anything when so burdened within.  A profane view of the world and a cold heart will not produce visionary’s, real change or exquisite relationships.  

Which wolf do you feed? Other people, the animals and the planet are clearly secondary, expendable  and diminished when we are guilty and feel ashamed.  That wolf can became insatiable and endlessly ravenous. 

Attend to our shared joy more. 

Discover your weaknesses and where you are underdeveloped, not with shame, but with questions.  Any form of separation will create suffering and disconnection. Your guiltiness can create more guilt. 

There is sacredness here in this  life.  It is not all profane. But it must be examined. Feed your qualities that can also serve humanity optimally. Feed solutions and peace, not war and sadness. 

If you have truly done something that was disrespectful, abusive, deceptive, or violent, look into the root of how this came to be.  Rectify. At what point did you loose sight of yourself ? Keep inquiring. 

Living an intentionally simple life will help us  to simply live with more patience and inner resolution and respect for all others until there are no “others”. 

Attentiveness and contemplation create a brave new world, not a turning away from life. Bearing heat and some friction is in itself brave. Focus on brave and bright qualities. Anything you push away or force upon others isn’t really brave and it won’t bring joy. 

Forcefulness is the result of shame and guilt. Turning against yourself is the root of guilt. This only further discourages us all. The less baggage we can carry, the more life’s simple moments reveal their inner value, resplendence and strength to us. Less baggage  encourages us to uncover ourself again.  The result is a non-biased, unwavering joy. Joy is creative. 

Let this be a time of healing, of new and deeper connections, of new and deeper meanings. 

Apply ingenuity. We can do something new. But not with guilt.  Guilt is not creative. It tears away at life, often recklessly. It is debasing and can make us feel disgusting. 

Beauty is not always prettiness. Good does not always “look good”. Challenges will always exist. Yet, being completely discouraged will not save us. It will make you sick. 

We are not really running out and away when we are inherently joyful, courageous or feeling strong. Attend to your strength. . Watch that what you dwell upon does not further disintegrate your tenacity & open mindedness.  What we are going through right now is deep. There is beauty in depth, but it does not have to be constricting. 

Immerse in your strength, your vision, your beauty, your truth and your swelling love. We are depending on you. Be true to yourself and you will care deeply about others. Guilt is not the truth. of your being.  Learn from this. 

Know your joy so well that it brings you total clarity, not fabrications.  Engage all inner enemies first. Illusions about yourself and the world are one.  It is not going to be perfect. But we can be whole. We can act responsibly, have a clear perception of ourselves and be in deep joy. 

Our weakness is called upon the moment we attack another. It fatigues the mind. Let creative joy and solution be your proactive resistance to fear, doubt, uncertainty, and guilt.  If you are feeling guilty, walk into your restoration for a moment each day until your guilt is less self centered and universal vitality is restored. 

You do not help us if you keep carrying your guilt around. It exhausts your physical body and health.  Learn from it or you will carry little energy to create a new and joyful world for this planet. 

Anything is truly beautiful when it truly expresses itself.  Hold a space on the planet for others to share in your joy with you. It helps us to do so. Reflect that sublime presence for us all. Be the heroism of the human spirit. Offer this life more dignity, not more pain.  You hold the promise of the bright future within you. Make that promise real. 

Look into all of this and know your bright joy from within instead of a false version of you. Highlight your  sad-less nature over a confused and energy-less one. Remember your revelatory, confronting nature over a forgetting or denying facade. Recognize a  nature of creative peace and solution over war and despair. Reveal having enough and sharing  instead of coveting and taking  what small joy we are working hard to uphold together.

Let there be peace. Peace within, peace throughout, peace together.


Prayer for Peace

May there be peace in the heavens; may there be peace in the skies;

may there be peace on earth.

May there be peace in the  waters flow; may the herbs and plants grow peacefully;

May all the divine powers and persons experience  peace.

May we all be in peace, peace, and only peace; and may that peace come unto each of us.

Shanti (peace) Shanti—Shanti!

– The Vedas

May brightness, health  and strength  be unto all, Swan Michelle