by Swan Michelle 

The radiance of wholeness permeates the body

And all directions simultaneously 

Wholeness is always here

Already here before your noticing of it

What we call whole is presence

It is permission to exist

-The Radiance Sutras 20

Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purmam Udashyate Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnameye Vashisyate


This is Whole. That is Whole. You cannot take away from the Whole. In taking away from the Whole, what remains will always be Whole. The Whole is Always Whole. The whole is infinite, and forever remains.

Another translation:

What is invisible is visible. Out of the infinite, the finite has come. And from the finite, the infinite is always present, even when covered, and cannot be destroyed. The infinite always remains.

This mantra is known as one of the 5 peace mantras, or “Pancha Shantih’s,”  found in the Upanishads at the end of The Vedas, which is one of the oldest known transcribed texts.  This mantra is recited when there is a propensity to divide or to destroy, which, according to this mantra, just like energy, cannot be.

“I am nothing like you. I am something like you. I am nothing but you.” The Vijnana Bairava Tantra

It seems quite understandable that we want difficult things to finally end, especially in such a purifying year as 2020. The volume got turned up many notches, yet it still carried an ominous, inconsistent, and concealed nature. The rearranging of many things has been an invitation for us all to see what it is that actually remains, and what was neither stable nor whole.

“When carving stone, the sculptor removes everything that is not the statue…The art of revealing beauty lies in removing what conceals it. So, too, Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras tells us that wholeness exists within us. Our work is to chisel away at everything that is not essence, not Self.”  Judith Hanson Lasater

Many things were not visible or known to us in 2020, yet this was always so. A great deal of discernment is being asked of us now. Many plans collapsed and we learned to adapt, with the vitality of faith in our heart, that we have permission to continue on. Here we are. We remain in this ongoing life cycle, asked to become more familiar or at ease in our relationship with the unknown.

Living and being, instead of surviving and craving for the known and forcing unsettling outcomes, hasn’t always made us happy or even always worked. When overwhelming, complex and seemingly incomplete form obstructs and consumes our sight, it narrows our view, and the brain operates in incoherent and distressed conditions.

What if, while doing our part to uphold the whole, we could be ok in the unknown, a place where the effects of divisiveness, pain of the past or fear have no landing place upon us? What an exciting and fresh start each day would be, this terrain of newly charged, fertile creation. What if we craved for the unknown as something inspiring and stabilizing?

 “Like a tree, that planted by the water, I shall not be moved.” Homer F. Morris

The Sanskrit word “Purna” can be translated into English as “whole,” “complete,” “full,” or “perfect.” Purna is likened to a full moon’s charge, illuminating the wondrous dark sky.  Whether we notice the full moon rising, and beyond any personal will of our own, it rises, resplendently and full on, yet it would be up to us to gaze upon it and recognize this.  It reflects to us our awe inspiring potential. We too can rise up with nobility to every occasion in illumination and wisdom, embodying the ongoing Whole of creation.

This strotra reminds us that the perception of a fresh start can only come from the lens of an observer, the indweller of ones unwavering completeness. This wholeness exists within each of us, and within the Universe.

Even if we have decided or believe something is less than, has the right to be judged, is incomplete, imperfect or wrong to us, this strotra states that in the ongoing, infinitesimal Truth, this transience is not so. There is an inexhaustible component and essence to all things in creation that is always Whole and Self sustained, even if invisible to us.

“When time is eternal and all possibilities exist, we experience moving from:

-the material to the immaterial

-Newtonian time to quantum world

-state of separation, duality and locality to unity, wholeness and non-locality 

-the known to the unknown

-limited possibility to unlimited possibility 

-the universe to the multiverse

-from someone to no one to anyone

-from something to nothing to anything

-somewhere to nowhere to anywhere

-sometime to no time to anytime.

When you are whole, you believe in your future, not your past.”  Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself -Dr. Joe Dispenza

When the self recognizes the Soul, the body and light fuse into one, the heart is at home in itself. There, wholeness is met, and has always been. We can identify with wholeness, where the Self reveals itself to self, or we can identify with pain, multiplicity and fluctuation and believe it is ongoing.  It is our free will and legacy to choose.

Holding onto separation or pain has often been described as a misunderstanding of incompleteness, which comes from the past. Having not healed from that past, thus not transformed it, it feels difficult to access a new version of ourselves, and we keep playing broken past parts out.

The fullest currents of creation lie right here, where the story is happening now, told in a new, electrifying, radiant way. Creation comes from having done the work to embody the teachings, freeing ourselves from the past. Completion in this stotra means we actually learned from what happened before, be it creations or mis-creations.

Transformation means we truly have let go of dulled, worn, incomplete and flawed perceptions and judgements of ourselves and others. Completion doesn’t mean we are done. We are rising and wired to rise again and again, just like the moon.

The idea of a fresh start fills me with hope from what seemed to have been a never ending unveiling of difficult news in 2020. Our survival instincts were in fight, flight and freeze mode and I am certain at many points, and for many reasons, we each became fatigued, confused, strained, or terrified, to say the least. The unknown and infinity itself can seem terrifying,

When we as creators identify with wholeness, it is an immense, powerful field of magnetism, energy, vibrancy, and awareness. It is a space where we experience the super charged, ongoing, life affirming infinity of ongoing creation. It celebrates artistry, purpose, dreams, creativity and expands our coherence, anabolic regeneration, health, mental cognition, vitality and energy field into a broader, hopeful and enlivening vision.

When we keep pain perpetual within us, there is no room in the mind to create nor imagine anything new, let alone implement this into an energetic, exhilarating action that forges an exciting new future.

“Purna” implies that the wholeness of all things is unshaken and inexhaustible. It can’t be taken over, knocked down, divided or moved. For any of you still standing in the mystery, you too have continued to rise, in some way unmoved. We have all continued to rise together, possibly with even more stamina, endurance and the revelation of a far more tenacious flame of spirit than you possibly thought you had.

Making sense of the news, virus, money, division, health, hurricanes, global warming, politics, social unrest, racism, restrictions, the truth, fabrications, and many humans’ actions may have tested you as they tested me. One option may have been to contract, narrow the lens, check out, look for blame, give up, take down others, get violent and get confused. Many things were set up to try to further divide us, temping us to feel weak.

Yet, we rose!

One thing has been far more clear to me than ever, if we are breathing this fragile breath still, we are all in this fierce and tender tapestry together.

For me, even in lock down, remembering interdependence more than independence has brought an extraordinary and exhilarating view of reverence. There is a powerful force that is the ongoing whole of creation in which we are all a part and I am in awe to be a part of it with you.

Rivers of power flowing everywhere

Fields of magnetism relating everywhere

This is your origin. This is your lineage.

The current of creation is right here

Coursing through subtle channels 

Animating this very form

Follow the gentle touch of life

Soft as the footprint of an ant

As tiny sensations open to vastness

Power sings as it flows

Electrifies the organs of sensing

Becomes liquid light

Nourishes your entire being

Celebrate the boundary 

Where streams join the sea

Where body meets infinity 

Radiance Sutras 44

Do not forgot what tried to weaken your spirits, tempted you to forgo your values, regality, fairness, skillful follow through, love, compassion and perseverance, but let that old story go. Remember who did miraculous things for you and had valiant follow through during a very challenging time. I am so grateful for those beings that reach out and keep reflecting the whole to me in the highs or lows of this precious life. Keep turning to what reinforces your ongoing wholeness for you. Perhaps you see that even more clearly than ever before.  This is why the story will be new. It won’t be a new year that changes your story. It will be you!

In the embodiment of ongoing infinity, we need less, complain less, blame less, fall for less, waste less, shake less. In some things, we may even care less because what we care about, we care even more for.  Whether we know, or not know things or what is to come, or not come. our completeness is unaffected and unmoved by this.

Judgments will continue to reinforce that everything is incomplete and never good enough. It often keeps an old broken story going. Discernment craves a complete picture. If your forget your ongoing whole, timeless nature, our practices, when applied, are tools to help us process and meet the whole full on.

Friends, relatives, neighbors, people who abide

In your village, city, country 

Be not concerned with their attitudes

Towards these teachings

Everyone is discovering the intimate Universe in their own way

This nectar is here

Within every breath, every desire, every transition

From waking, to sleeping, and sleeping to waking

Once You have set out on the path of intimacy

With the immortal essence of life

Never turn your back on it, my Shining One

Never turn away

Though every moment be surprising

Revelatory, unrecognizable, and full of wonder

Continue to cherish each breath

Live in gratitude for the ambrosia we imbibe

In each turning, out breath to inbreathe into out

The Radiance Sutras 160

It is satisfying and can be brave to learn, grow and step forward into the unknown. There is never just one person left stranded in the unknown. If it feels unconscious for now or others seem to exemplify not being too wholesome in their actions, ease up, rise up. We are all on a journey of re-membering.  It is quite a victory if even for a moment you remembered you are whole in all of this mystery.

See with fresh, new eyes now. Let yourself have a fresh new start.  See others having it too. See through the eyes of wisdom; a full panoramic view. Wholeness can’t be destroyed and it will not cease from continuing onward.

Lets rise like a full moon, full ON and beyond the limitations we think are there, together, Swan Michelle

“My soul is from everywhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” Rumi

“Sky of infinity

Your stars shine so brightly

You reflect to me

A timeless truth



I am infinity


Sun shines so radiantly

You give and give so generously

May I choose to live freely

And offer valiantly


With nobility


Moon up in the sky

Your mystery, yet you do not lie

Soft, supple, full of light

Your power reveals this night


And I ignite


I am infinity

And of nobility

I embody

This divinity.

And I ignite


We are infinity

And of nobility

We embody

This divinity

And we ignite”  Lyrics by Swan Michelle

“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started 

And know the place for the first time.

Through the unknown, remembered gate

When the last of earth left to discover

Is that which was the beginning;

At the source of the longest river

The voice of the hidden waterfall

And the children in the apple-tree

Not known, because not looked for 

But heard, half-heard, in the stillness

Between two waves of the sea.” TS Eliot 


You who have been seeking, whatever path you are on

A moment will come when 

Divine pulsation grabs you

And carries you into the dance

In the midst of ecstatic motion 

Your body dissolves into light, leaving only

The soft benediction of the bones 

You become the face of fury, yet serene within

Eyes fly open in amazement 

Seeing the unseen vastness

The Soul reveals itself to itself 

Through movement

Energy infused undulations and gestures

The invisible loves the visible 

The Radiance Sutras 54

And we ignite. Swan Michelle