Clear Speech Practices


Clear Speech Practices

Theme: Energy Clearing Course

One of the greatest fears proclaimed by the majority of all humans, above and beyond even death, is the fear of public speaking. This means most would rather die than talk in front of others in a large group. Think about this! What does this mean?

Clear, non-agenda-based communication that is Divinely guided is the minority of communication we experience. Manipulated, multi-messaged, sensory-overloaded, gossip or filler that disturbs us or closes us down due to past trauma is the majority. We have become disempowered in our right to speak and to manifest our creations, so much so that now we contract, repress and suppress, and no longer feel that we are worthy to speak or have anything valuable to say.

As a side effect, we then often start to believe the disturbing things we hear, with no ability to discern and filtrate.

This is most unfortunate, as it is our birthright to first imagine our creation and then align clearly to produce our unique purpose, through sound, vocalization and resonance, saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

In this course, suitable for anyone tentative to speak their truth, anyone told they did not have a right to speak, anyone told to shut up, abused or tending towards abusiveness of our own speech is encouraged to join us so that together we can all walk our talk, listen and align more deeply with our creative power within.

Who is this Course for?

This course is Incredible for those in art forms where clear speech is required either one-on-one or in large groups, such as therapists, managers, yoga teachers, performers and those wishing to be in consciousness-provoking, non-violent leadership positions.

What You’ll Learn:

This course will encourage you, through listening for a bit, to apply the ample supply of tools offered for your refined, non-messy and succinct speech.

If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your word.

Yogi Bhajan

The Content & Curriculum:

As the presenter, I have 3 goals for you:

1. A differentiation of emotional language and thought forms so that you mean what you say and uplift others with your speech

2. Learn what it actually means to be present while you speak

3. TAKE ACTION: Access a speech empowerment tool box that will have various forms of energy medicine practices, chakra clearing practices , breathing practices, mantra recitations, meditations and restorative yoga therapy poses specific to the throat


What you need for this course

✓ 1 pdf file worksheet
✓ 1 bolster or 3 blankets


Recommended Reading

The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Recommended Tuning Fork

C 128 Osteotuner

Price: $25
(Unlimited views & no expiration)

Copyright Statement:

Swan Michelle Copyright 2018
The videos are not meant to be shared with anyone but the one that purchased the course. There is no express permission to share this. It is unlawful and bad karma to reproduce any material, workbooks or pdf files with others without express, written permission. Thank you for honoring the work and dedication to holistic healing. All work is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

About Energy Clearing Classes:

Each Energy Clearing Class is for YOU. It is to clear yourself, which affects all others. These classes are taught monthly at our studio with huge success. Now you may access them online as to get inspired by the monthly themes, calling upon the personal tools on your own, when needed.

Energy moves faster than physical form. It can be of great benefit to be tapped into the efficacy of working within the subtle body. Enjoy!

Open to all beings. No experience is necessary. No yoga asana will take place. This is not a Reiki Training but an open class.

Some of the following may take place in each 2 hour session along with an overall theme.

*Remove Obstacles
*Call Your Energy Back
*Let Go of What No Longer serves You
* Discover where Energy is depleted
* Have proper Energetic Hygiene practices
* Hold your Energy appropriately
* Let go of what is not your Energy to hold
* Feel deeply connected to what brings more life force and connection to your Higher Self
* Clearing Relationships

Give Yourself Reiki
Give Yourself Pranic Healing Clearings
Clear Your Chakras
Clear Your Auric field of psychic debris
Cutting Cords
Higher Self Meditation
Protection, Health and Abundance Mantras
Clearing Rooms
Visualizations, Revocations & Invocations
Fire Ceremony

Reiki Energy Clearing Class

An overall Reiki Energy Clearing Class may introduce some of the following Energy Medicine Practices, all inspired by Reiki, Pranic Healing, Sound Therapy & Polarity Therapy & Traditional Yogic rituals.

Abundance & Law of Attraction

Cutting Cords Course