Here are the numerous ways you are assisting us all in GIVING BACK:


I recognize the graciousness and generosity of the gifts offered to me throughout my life, which lended me a sense of hope, thoughtfulness, and loving kindness, often when I needed those things most.

Because of my desire to be able to offer that same generosity to others, I must give back.

I was brought up into the concept of selfless service and philanthropy as a child, working in hospitals and shelters with my mother and our church. It was there I felt a strong sense of belonging to something real, honest and integrated in the teachings we spoke of. I felt like my most authentic self, a bit less naive and far more aware of the predicaments of human suffering outside of the suburbia I grew up in. I am so grateful to my mother for being a role model of philanthropy to me.

Traveling the world, especially to remote parts of North Africa, the villages of North and South India and of Central and South America, the vision of how blessed I am became all the more real to me. We live in luxury and consumption consciousness in our country.

I would like to do my part. I would also like for you to feel good about your participation in the courses on this website. My deepest dream is that ALL beings have a chance to experience what the abundance of the world can be. You taking part in these online courses assists me and us to do so together. It is giving us all a chance to give back and to remain humble, accepting and in deep appreciation to our blessings. Thank you!


Namaste, Swan Michelle



May clean drinking water be unto all

When you sign up for the Energy Clearing for Abundance Course, $2 is given to sourcing clean water on this planet here:

CHARITY: WATER:  1 in 10 people on this planet lack access to clean water. Charity: Water is a legendary organization with a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world.  100% of your charity brings water to people in need.

Another noteworthy water charity we support. Find out more about the Mississippi River Delta Conservation Project.

A free mantra celebrating the sacredness of water.

Swan School Universality Scholarship

May education be unto all

At our local New Orleans studios, we offer 2 fully paid (as in, all of the faculty get paid to teach this person) scholarships to our 400-hour and 200-hour Swan School Yoga Teacher Trainings. Swan School was the very first yoga teacher training in New Orleans, rising up out of the floods and ashes of Hurricane Katrina. It has graduated and brought together hundreds of beings, inspiring them on a new yogic transformational path of change, skill, hope and for many, entirely new careers.

The Universality scholarship has been inspired at Swan River Yoga to constructively challenge a conditioning of homogeneity that too often limits yoga. Swan River Yoga firmly advocates and encourages unity in diversity and each beings’ right to authenticity. We would like to create an all-inclusive community. We feel that diversity and inclusivity honors the most sacred teachings of yoga and bolsters our studio’s mission of Universality. In this cosmology, no one left out. No “one” is represented. No “one” is slandered. Everyone is growing in diverse settings together.

We offer this scholarship opportunity to an individual who faces discrimination due to their political view, gender, economic status, sexual preference, gender identity, ethnicity or national origin, cultural heritage, religious background, veteran status, body type, body age, body ability or life circumstances such as physical, mental, emotional substance or sexual abuse, trauma, war, depression, anxiety, mental wellness, emotional wellness or a broken family or culture.

How can you help? All of our staff and faculty still work to provide a highly qualified education for this recipient. This program is a total life immersion.

Sign up for our online Swan School continuing education program, knowing that you are helping to fund another in this life immersion school once per year, giving them the chance to educate themselves on a deep inner activism journey and life immersion for free.

By signing up for this course online, we will offer 1 scholarship per year to our online program. We will buy their books and offer all of their services for free, providing them with the dignity of exploring their talents that they will share with the world.

Want to Apply for the online scholarship opportunity?

This will begin January 2019.


May a safe shelter be unto all

Home of the Dalai Lama and numerous Tibetan Buddhists that travel through the Himalayas to seek refuge, freedom, food and safety, Dharamshala, India has become a safe shelter from the suffering of domination, exploitation, control, fear and greed and it is something I have witnessed first hand.

I have been to Dharamshala numerous times to watch as the Tibetans first arrive in full prostrations of gratitude. I have met numerous monks and nuns that are in need of better homes, food, and living supplies and spoken to many of them, having lost their families, parents and elders, living in caves or in monasteries or nunneries to recover and survive.

LHA, the Louisiana Himalayan Association, is an organization that takes numerous beings from the States to Dharamshala each year. They work with the Tibetans, practicing English, reading, writing, and discussing survival. Many of the Tibetans are sick and have very little funding or resources beyond being with their teacher, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

How can you help?

LHA works with college students to bring them to India each year to assist the Tibetans, teaching them English, buying them groceries and clothing, assisting their shelters and offering them company and leaning the customs of Tibetan Buddhism.

I have visited and assisted numerous families, monks and nuns there. This fund is to gather resources to bring to Dharamshala, India, and when we can not go in person, to offer the resource funding to LHA so that they can distribute it where necessary.

Your purchase of the Empowerment Courses empowers the Tibetan refugees coming to the Dalai Lama’s temple village of Dharamshala, India.

The Empowerment Course is one of our largest courses alongside Swan School. It is a deep uncovering of the Self that is often obscured by the beliefs of who it is that we are and what we have been told is and is not possible for us in this lifetime, most all of which is not true.

Empower yourself and naturally empower another. Have the courage to step up into your greatest potential and find that in doing so, others benefit, quite literally.

3% of the total sales of the year for the Empowerment Course will go towards directly giving funding, opportunities, company, food, clean water, eye care, dental care, health care and shelter to the Tibetans that live just outside of the Dalai Lama’s home.

If you wish to learn more or donate directly, visit Louisiana Himalaya Association

OM Mane Padme Hum

Sarvesham svasti Bhavantu. Sarvesham shantir Bhavantu. Sarvesham mangalam bhavantu. Sarvesham purnam bhavantu.

May happiness be unto All. May peace be unto all. May auspiciousness be unto all. May prosperity be unto all. May fulfillment be unto all.


SEVA.ORG My very first yoga teacher was Ram Dass who wrote Be Here Now. I met him while he was still walking, right before he had a stroke. I was mesmerized by how much he spoke to aging, death and dying so openly. I came to learn about a beautiful project I suggest donating to,


SWAN RIVER YOGA ARABI In 2010, my business partner and I decided to partner up with a graduate of Swan School to create the very first (and only) completely donation-based studio in the New Orleans area. This studio especially serves the population that was totally devastated by Hurricane Katrina, many of them losing their homes, communities and hope, all of which I witnessed first hand. Having also lost my home and everything I owned, this idea touched my heart. The studio has continued to evolve from there, with so many caring individuals at the helm to keep it running and the teachings going, all for free. No one gets paid yet we often just barely get our rent paid. It is all a leap of faith. To contribute directly to this leap of faith, you can visit and donate here to this non-profit


COMPASSION IN ACTION Eye Care Charity Working to Prevent Blindness and Low-Vision – Compassion In Action