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40 Day Challenge with Swan Michelle

The sound of the Divine is silence. There is silence underneath all of the busyness and cluttered worry, social tech programs, disturbed minds and repressed emotions but in general, we can not hear it.

My goal this year, which is my 20th year teaching yoga full time and owning 3 businesses, is to undo any outward action, habits or opinions that are unnecessary, which only create complication, disturbance and distraction, later leading to unskillful action.

Stillness is the practice of contemplation, not escapism, checking in, not out. It is dropping the hallucinations and current beliefs for clear vision and being.

There is a way to do stillness that is soft and gradual. It does not have to be extreme. This allows us to attend to our self, familial, relational, social and work responsibilities, yet with even more efficacy, potency and meaning. Viewing stillness as low in priority, impossible, luxurious, avoidant or selfish will create an irregularity in your mind. So will will convincing yourself you do not have the time.

You create or waste your time. We all do! Multiplicity, energy waste and an imbalance of outwardness may be your real imbalance and avoidance of what is going on within. How many of your thoughts waste your time, let alone actions? And is meditation working for you yet? For me, I often create another to do list. Any of these belief systems will get you to avoid and check out once you finally slow down (or pass out) instead of naturally seeking the solitude of energy gathering and true inner activism, which is deeply fulfilling, encouraging and self sustained.

Many outer actions are avoidance and addictive filler. Inner filler is truly a bunch of habits that have taken on form. It can take some undoing and it can be done!

Let’s make stillness cool again together. Join us! It’s far more needed than tons of ambitious, rigorous, cool looking yoga!

Here’s the challenge:

1. You may begin whenever you like. Choose a time in your life and day where you feel you will not be moving around a lot or can at least find 45 minutes every morning and night in a private space, even if it’s the bathtub!

2. Choose 40 days: Commit to doing this practices in this video (or audio) for 40 days. This is how long it is stated it takes to break a habit and in this case, a mental one. It may take longer depending on what you are ready to get undone and the level it currently has a hold of you, so do it longer. It may take less time. Commit to 40 days no matter what. 1 day off per week is all that is permissible if it must be so to keep you going without giving up and in.

3. This video comes in 2 parts. It is a total of 1.5 hours per day that you will need to set aside. Commit to 45 minutes in the morning quickly after you wake up and 45 minutes near the time you go to bed.

4. Get a journal and write in your journal at the end of the evening video any contemplations you have examined inwardly once you begin discharging the anxiety, stress, worry, fear and attack thoughts that often take over our mind.

5. After 40 days, contact Swan Michelle and tell her of your experience with the 40 day challenge. If you committed to it and did it, you will receive:
Free Restorative Yoga Sound Bath video link that you can do again and again!

Remember, silence is underneath it all and will always be. You are able to come back to it and to be at peace with whatever is arising for you. If it gets intense, write me. I am here for you as your greatest fan.

What you receive:

2 videos (Morning Stillness and Evening Stillness) with various energy practices, mantras, breathing exercises, visualizations, meditations, yoga nidra and Restorative Yoga practices to be played every day.

1 short video instruction on using mala beads for meditation so that you can keep meditating anytime you have a few free minutes instead of wasting time on social media

1 Gopala audio mp3 of a lullaby by Swan Michelle and Robacharya to help you fall asleep or calm you down, bringing you back to your childlike innocent nature.

Restorative Yoga Sound Bath video if you complete the 40 day challenge

Price: $25
(Unlimited views & no expiration)

Copyright Statement:

Swan Michelle Copyright 2018
The videos are not meant to be shared with anyone but the one that purchased the course. There is no express permission to share this. It is unlawful and bad karma to reproduce any material, workbooks or pdf files with others without express, written permission. Thank you for honoring the work and dedication to holistic healing. All work is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

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