Kickstart your Daily Morning Routine

Your personal practice is an important private moment you are entitled to and need. It is a time to check in, process and release any illusions, separation or pain residing within you. It is your statement to the Divine that you are taking a stand to allow the light of Truth in. The moments you practice is your timelessness with the Divine. It reaffirms and prioritizes your relationship and firm, dedicated position to what matters most to you.

Each time you practice, the Divine notices and always gives back to your efforts. Sadhana is literally translated as “a means of accomplishing something”. There is truly only one accomplishment, freedom. With discipline comes great freedom. There is always a reciprocity of timelessness and strength from the Universe due to any effort you put forth.

You have a unique function. A consistency in your Sadhana will help you to receive the insights and tone you would wish to put forth in how you treat others, perceive any challenge, adapt, accommodate and accept creativity and joy. With vigor and honesty, you see everything is a Sadhana. You are a model of your habits. Your Sadhana helps you to accept the part assigned to you, releasing any beliefs that shade it.

This morning Sadhana is everything Swan Michelle does before going on a walk in nature and doing her personal Asana practice. Her morning Sadhana may vary according to what is felt to be needed during various cycles of her life.

About this course:

This is an encouraging practice that does not need experience or any level of physical vigor. It is a gradual awakening into the day, seated on your mat or a chair.

Be sure you have a place that is quiet and distraction free.

This is a combination of meditation/visualization to connect to your Higher Self, Energy Clearing practices, Kundalini Kriyas for emotional well-being, a warming up of the spine for brain health, a prayer to others and a Mantra to start your day….It is a valuable use of your time.

Do this not long after the sun has come up for the optimal results.

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to do this for 40 days, the amount of time it is said to take to undo any habit and replace them with more life affirming ones.
Let us begin. Enjoy! And keep going if it strikes you.

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Video Length: 1 hour 20 minutes

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***Coming soon….Evening Sadhana Practices to wind down.

Copyright Statement:

Swan Michelle Copyright 2018
The videos are not meant to be shared with anyone but the one that purchased the course. There is no express permission to share this. It is unlawful and bad karma to reproduce any material, workbooks or pdf files with others without express, written permission. Thank you for honoring the work and dedication to holistic healing. All work is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

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