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Abundance and the Law of Attraction

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Aging Gracefully Restorative Yoga Therapy

This Restorative Yoga class is of course suitable for all ages since we are all ageless, yet special attention will be placed on rejuvenation, invigoration and the inspiration of making time sacred while in the ageless process, which is us all.

Abundance & The Law of Attraction

Abundance in this course is recognized as generosity. We can not receive universal gifts if our energy field is filled with worldly beliefs or patterns that truly do not serve us. Join us to understand what is in your attractor field to attract everlasting prosperity.

Morning Sadhana Practice

Sadhana is literally translated as “a means of accomplishing something”. There is truly only one accomplishment, freedom. A consistency in your Sadhana will help you to receive the insights and tone you would wish to put forth in how you treat others, perceive any challenge, adapt, accommodate and accept creativity and joy.

Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not for the weak. A major component to Reiki energy clearing is the very last of the gripped particles within you where it may be difficult to unleash, which may in turn still hold you captive.

This course includes suggestions on energy clearing techniques as well as a downloadable list of forgiveness book recommendations.

Addiction and the Pain Body

Addiction comes in so many forms. Anything from substance abuse, money, success, jealousy, excess, obsessiveness to being needed.

In this video, we will discuss understanding what the pain body is and how to begin releasing it with gentle guidance using sound therapy & meditation. You will also be given a blueprint to implement daily practices for 40 days.

Bhakti Yoga & Emotional Health: Part I

This Course is an invite to tap into your state of emotional health on a deeper level to identify pain points that you can eliminate. It also serves those around you, making it far less likely they become your target.

You will learn some basic daily practices we can implement in the practice of Bhakti yoga through ritual, mantra, serving others and offering random acts of kindness.

Bhakti Yoga & Devotional Living: Part II

Simply setting aside moments each day to purposefully process what holds itself frozen within us is one of our our greatest offerings.

This Course is an invite to ignite natural mood enhancing through the transformational process we go thru when channelling art, devotion, love and beauty. You will learn a selection of Michelle’s favorite mantras along with daily devotional practices.

Developing Traits as a Key Leader & Teacher

What does it take to be a community leader or teacher?  It could be important to consider what matters to you both on the outside and within. You are the student, teacher, and the path. 

This video will not formulate the perfect teacher but will take a look at what some leaders have stated as timeless traits that may assist in coming to our own as a teacher.

Your Audacity to be Original

My overarching resolution is to always rest in my origin, to be my inherent nature. I desire this for you. This course includes a higher self meditation, a 45-min video, purification practices and a checklist on ‘Making Original Decisions’ with a guided felt sense meditation.

Clear Speech Practices – COMING SOON

One of the greatest fears proclaimed by the majority of all humans, above and beyond even death, is the fear of public speaking. In this course, suitable for anyone tentative to speak their truth, you will be encouraged so that together we can all walk our talk, listen and align more deeply with our creative power within.

Inner Stillness: 40 Day Challenge – COMING SOON

You create or waste your time. We all do! Stillness is the practice of contemplation, not escapism, checking in, not out. There is a way to do stillness that is soft and gradual. It does not have to be extreme.

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training – COMING SOON!

Ayurveda, the science of Life, is the Mother science of Yoga. One cannot exist without the other. Both practices must be there for a thorough experience of yoga to take place. Join us in healing your senses, body and life!

16 Hour Training

Why online trainings?

What has come of this world? What happened to having a personal teacher, in the forest, and amongst fellow peers? Do not worry. We still do that. This is for those of you that do not have a teacher near, peers that are interested in what you want to learn near you (yet) or unusual, highly experienced teachers or teachings, uniqueness or access according to where you live or the presenter is at the time.

There is another factor. Some of you have moved, or live in places that don’t have much of anything that inspires you or that you are drawn to in these holistic arts. Or maybe your teacher is hard to reach?

Maybe there’s a lot of teachings out there, but its not presented in a way that resonates with you. Or maybe you have a very busy lifestyle. You are a parent, work full-time in something you do or don’t like but need something more.

Maybe you want some courses made slightly easier to access. You can’t travel the world to get them (like I have) or you want to learn in your pajamas on your day off on your couch.

I’ve taken many online courses. I enjoy both traveling to go find information and sitting comfortably in my home learning online alone, at my own pace, in private, with my own questions.

What’s super cool?

Once a course is purchased, you have it for life! You can review the material again and again! You will also be connected and referred to incredible, credible, sought out resources that on your own might have taken some time, years or a lifetime to discover right at your fingertips. Someone else has, can and does devote their life to finding incredible teachings to share, that’s me! Swan Michelle. I am here to generate and to share!