Educate yourself in a certified holistic trade, license,
occupation, craft or skill that you can then share with
others or add to your existing continuing education with an
experienced certified mentor.

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training

Ayurveda, the science of Life, is the Mother science of Yoga. One cannot exist without the other. Both practices must be there for a thorough experience of yoga to take place. Join us in healing your senses, body and life!

16 Hour Training

Sound Therapy Training – COMING SOON!

16 Hour Training

Reiki Training | Level 1 – COMING SOON!

16 Hour Training

Why Online Trainings?

What has come of this world? Since when do we have to get a license, certificate or credentials to offer healing modalities? Since these modalities have become so popular, self interpreted, and taught but not practiced. You can gain access to a personal teacher, in the forest, and amongst fellow peers. Do not worry. We still do that. But Swan Michelle has devoted her life for 20 years to gaining access to knowledge that would be very difficult to gain without the level of devotion and determination she has put forth to train, educate, study, read, practice and share. This is for those of you that do not have a highly experienced teacher near you and desire the classical teachings offered in a clear, concise, authentic, accurate, skillful sprinkled with personal stories, clarity, compassion, honesty and light honest humor kind of way.

There is another factor. Some of you have moved, or live in places that don’t have much of anything that inspires you or that you are drawn to in these holistic arts.

Maybe there’s a lot of it, but its not presented in a way that resonates with you, especially if you want the real deal, with depth, order and clarity, fused with a dash of both spiritual and physical so it is well grounded.

Or maybe you have a very busy lifestyle. You are a parent, student, or work full time in something you do or don’t like but need something more.

Maybe you can’t travel the world to get deeply rooted teachings (like I have) or you want to learn in your pajamas on your day off on your couch and save money in travel expenses. I can gather the knowledge for you and offer it with clarity. You of course must apply it, which makes anyone gaining knowledge for more influential and someone aspiring to teach authentic.

I’ve taken many online courses and certified trainings. I have found I have never learned less online. In fact, with the access to hearing the teachings again and again and still the ability to ask my own personal questions or see any peers questions online, I have found that sometimes it saves time as the content is direct. I do still enjoy both traveling to go find information and sitting comfortably in my home learning online alone, at my own pace, with my own questions.

What’s super cool?

Once an online training is purchased, you have it for life! You can review the material again and again to be sure you are quoting it correctly and have absorb the information you then want to share. You will also be connected and referred to incredible, credible, sought out resources that on your own might have taken years to discover or you may never have if it weren’t for someone else devoting their life to finding incredible teachings to share so that you too can share them.

Please note that many of our Trainings come with the permission for them to be taught. Swan Michelle is certified and licensed in numerous styles of yoga, energy work, Ayurveda and several other modalities. If any information is not allowed to be shared due to certain linerages request, it won’t be. All information offered comes from the highest intent to maintain ethics, high standards, authenticity and most importantly of all, many years of experience.

Click here to see a list of her credentials.

Swan Michelle is Yoga Alliance Approved and can provide Continuing Education that counts towards your list of hours if this is something that is important to you.