Abundance & The Law of Attraction



Breathing Exercises for Brain Health

7 Pranyama techniques for the brains hemispheres

Enjoy a 36 minute Breathing Exercise session that can be repeated daily with Swan Michelle in video or audio.

This Breathing Class will go over a short 5 minute introduction of what the life force, “Prana” is and how to contain more of it by breathing efficiently. Working specifically on 5 different types of alternate nostril breathing for the connection of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, oxygen supply, nervous system and neurotransmitter communication., We will also work with full yogic breath and equal breath, which is the basis of all breathing, and should be done all day longer proper overall health. We will be sure you are breathing properly!

If you are dominate in 1 side of the brain, it may contribute to irritation, anger, depression or lack of creativity. Breathing exercises may be beneficial for you, according to the severity and your personal constitution.

The length of time of this video is a very accessible way to work in a calm setting with the wellness of the brains hemispheres. Listening to any 1 part of it daily could assist in discharging stress responsibly.

It is also an excellent video for yoga teachers, if you are looking for inspiration in learning how to both lead or do new breathing exercises.

Content: both lecture and breathing practices, with 5 breathing exercises in total.

Length: 36 minutes

Investment: $12

This class will offer you very hands-on exercises that you are encouraged to practice for 40 days. I am here to encourage you, yet you must do the practices for them to steep into your bones, take root and bear fruit. You can press play on this video each day until you begin to memorize and feel the benefits of wholeness and prosperity within yourself. You will then begin to recognize where you take, settle, expect or consume in ways that might not currently appear obvious to you.

You will be offered:

✓ Energy clearing practices from the Pranic Healing technique
✓ Mantras to Laxmi, the Goddess of Abundance
✓ Mudras for abundance
✓ The Higher Self meditation
✓ Cord cutting techniques
✓ Teachings on Chakras 2 & 5

You will also be encouraged to practice Japa Mantra repetition with prayer beads, to journal your appreciations and depreciations, and to be honest as to where your poverty consciousness comes from.

Remain open, accepting and willing to receive true value, and you will experience priceless fulfillment.

If you feel that your deepest Soul needs are not quite bearing fruit, or perhaps they are ideas but not manifested, or you feel a lack of deep fulfillment in your job, relationships or experiences, this is for you.

If feel you work hard, are addicted to work, or worry about making ends meet or you tend to survive but not to thrive, always thinking about needing more money or things not being quite good enough for you, this course and these practices are for you.

As a disclaimer, ABUNDANCE here is recognized as the means for GENEROSITY and the chance to share your gifts. It is not specifically to get rich so that you can stop working, but hey, you never know! That might happen too in accordance with your coalition with the Divine’s plan. Trust, accept and appreciate to know what you are attracting to you. Join us to understand what is in your attractor field that is enhancing or preventing a satiable prosperity that is everlasting and shift it to an even greater magnitude, preparing your consciousness, nervous system and being to receive this reciprocity responsibly.

What you need for this course:

✓ Mala Beads (pearl are preferable)
✓ Mantra: Om Shri Maha Laxmaye Namaha
✓ Quiet private space

Giving Back

In celebration of Abundance, this course donates a portion of any registration to our Giving Back Project. This particular course is linked to our Charity: Water, a project that provides safe, healthy drinking water to areas of the world without this vital resource.

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of strength and laws of attraction to Energy Medicine, any Energy Medicine Class is not suitable, appropriate nor meant to be shared with anyone else that has not signed up for the course and put forth the efforts necessary to receive.