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Swan Michelle’s practice is something she lives authentically and hopes to share with all.
As is the case for many of us, Michelle came to these healing arts via struggle, separation and suffering. She is devoted to accepting the abundant teachings from the curriculum of her life and is deeply fulfilled by seeing others empowered, self-lead, and accepting of all that this life can be.

She is a bold warrioress.

Her adoration of the art of yoga is so enthusiastic she can’t help but to share it with others in hopes that they too live what they are wired for on this planet.

Swan Michelle has been described as determined, strong, enthusiastic, open, vulnerable, disciplined and spacious. She remains committed to consistently showing up for her local, Gulf Coast, international, and virtual community, whether there is celebration or hardship. She has influenced, inspired, and connected numerous beings in the realm of all things yoga, wellness, holistic healing arts, music, and energy medicine. This work has taken place on scales large and small, each setting allowing her to witness growth and the changing of lives.

Swan Michelle has been a multi-passionate, self-employed entrepreneur in healing arts, wellness, and yoga for 20 years. She has always worked and provided for herself. She co-owns 3 yoga studios and schools that were created during a time of devastation in her home city, New Orleans, LA. Now each studio thrives, and she employs and trains numerous epic beings, helped launch a vegan cafe, has written several training manuals, and created yoga DVDs and kirtan albums. In addition, she takes many trips around this world in search of knowledge and practices to bring back and share with her community.

Feeling broken and out of place at numerous points in her life, Swan Michelle used her pain as fuel to overcome struggles with her head up. She now finds that meditating and chanting mantra by the ocean, cultivating fairness, living intentionally and healthfully, constantly creating, owning the right to accept ourselves and live out our dreams, watching Sci-fi movies, and encouraging others to live their truth are the most important instigators of her growth, exploration and adventure.

She wishes that all beings be given the opportunity to explore this gorgeous planet, see the potential of life with new eyes, do their necessary inner work, and live their unique purpose with fulfillment, integrity and dignity.